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Fifth March is a collaboration between the dynamic creative duo, Pamela & Jacqueline. For over 8 years, they’ve helped small businesses across Singapore and New Zealand build lasting brands through a proven methodology that works.


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Mister Gelato

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"Fifth March was really helpful in taking the initiative to help us re-imagine what Kallos magazine could look like. Pamela and Jacqueline took the time to help us articulate our brand identity through a fresh logo, brand colours and fonts. They were very prompt with their responses and made working with them enjoyable. Really glad to work with them on this rebranding project as it has strengthened our brand’s influence among our target group! "

Quek Shiwei
Director, Kallos

"The ladies from Fifth March helped build our brand concept. We aren’t branding experts but Pam really spent the time leading us through the creation of the brand , taking on all our ideas and thoughts every step of the way and carefully helping us to build a brand for gelato cart business. They are detailed and thoughtful and will really take your vision and build it into the brand that you imagined. Their communications are quick and thorough, very friendly and always very willing to help. "

Queenie & Raymond
Owners, Mr Gelato

"What I liked most about working with Pam is the fact that she was able to keep our team dynamics alive and kicking even when we were working together from different continents! Always extremely positive and pleasant, Pam was a team leader, colleague and friend that I would vouch for any day."

Jennie Lobanova
Former colleague

About us

We love to work with future thinkers and creative leaders to design brands that will connect with people and tell a story.

Pamela Suen

Brand Strategist - Auckland

Pam cooks and bakes. If you can’t find her in-front of her laptop, she is bound to be in her kitchen whipping up yummy goodies for her little family of four. You can say that the kitchen is where she acquired her superb project management skills and honed the ability to work under time pressure and produce results. Inspired by her theatre background, Pam makes an excellent campaign manager who is able to take on a creative brief and put it into action.

Jacq Phua

Creative Director - Singapore

Jacq is a believer. She believes that food and design are one and the same: they need to look good to be palatable. She's also a purist who strictly prefers drinking tea without any sugar or honey. Whenever she's not pushing pixels, she's a slave to her adorable one-year-old daughter, Ally. As a sentimental collector of paper and prints, Jacq harnesses the ability to produce excellent mood boards for clients.